How to join


Installation of Ultima Online 

1. Download Ultima Online Classic client from
2. Install it and run UO.exe, let the client fully update.
3. After update is finished, close the updater.
4. Download our clientTT.exe and put it in your Ultima Online folder.
5. Download our hues.mul, copy it to Ultima Online folder and replace the old one.

Installation of Orion

1. Download Orion using this link: and install it.
2. Run OrionLauncher. It will automatically check for updates, click "Apply Updates".
3. On the top of the window, click "UO files path" and choose the folder where you installed Ultima Online Classic Client.
4. Click "Configure client version":
    - choose "FROM CLIENT.EXE FILE"
    - choose "clientTT.exe", another window will popup, click "NO"
    - click "Create" and close the smaller window with "X"

Add Tell Tale, log in and have fun!

1. On the bottom, click "Add profile", another smaller window will open:
    - choose "[Open Editor]"
    - Name: Tell Tale
    - Address,port:,2593
    - click "OK"
2. Now you can "Launch" and play! Accounts are created automatically.
3. Don't forget to join our discord server:

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